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Your boyfriend wants me

and secretly you do too.

7 October
Hey my name is Elaina.. I got to a private school that i really hate.. I have a boyfriend at the momment.. Hes mixed ( Blk and Pr).. I am Mexican/Spanish and German. I have a bestfriend/sister Alaina.. and a Bestfriend Christina. I love All types of music.. I like to party and spend time with my boyfriend even though he doesnt really like to spend time with me.. I am VERY paranoid.. i come to conclusions alot.. I like to shop and talk on the phone. I like going to the movies with my friends or my main squeeze.. hehe. I have a lot of drama in my life.. Bad temper.. I get angry very quick.. but i can be sweet and i can be nice.. I always have my friend's back no matter what. I dont really have a lot of close friends because i have a problem trusting people.. ecspecially when it comes down into a relationship.. If i want to be serious with someone i will not be faithful to him until i can completely trust him with all my heart.. I have had my heart broken and i don't plan on having it broken it again.. or atleast i dont want it to happen again anytime soon .. even though i can tell heartbreak hotel is heading my way.